THE MATURA GROUP (GRUPPO MATURA), founded in 1997 in a move inspired by Alberto Antonini and Attilio Pagli, has become, over time, a place of collaboration and sharing, one where professionals with varying backgrounds and ideas can meet one another and enrich their individual visions – dynamic and comple – of the world of Italian and international wine.

Within the group, each individual consultant, working in complete autonomy, develops a series of services for the houses with which he collaborates, guaranteeing a fully worked out strategy for the various wines.
With a strength and solidity which derives from a solid professional formation and ample international experience, the group offers itself as a place for discussion and for growth and development, one where tens of professionals give birth to  new ideas, projects, and a deeper knowledge and understanding of their work. A place for constant and highly stimulating discussion, but at the same time  strict, serious, and reliable, capable of becoming a reference point both for producers and for consumers, both reached thorough the necessarily close ties to the world of communication.

Attilio Pagli and Alberto Antonini

Attilio Pagli

“In 1983 I was lucky enough to find an extraordinary man, Giulio Gambelli, who believed in me and taught me the first rudiments of a fascinating profession. After fourteen years, I have crowned my hopes and created a place where young professionals can grow and help others to grow, where persons very different from one another can participate in common working experiences, discuss with one another, find their own way in the profession, at times on their own, at times with others, but always with the possibility of having a place where the profession of winemaker can, for one moment, lose its excessive individualism and because an exchange of ideas and of knowledge,  all in the full respect of individual ways of interpreting wine.I truly hope that, in some way, the Matura Group has become this place”.


Alberto Antonini

“Matura is a training ground where agronomists and oenologists share their  professional experiences in many different zones in Italy and abroad, a continuous debate and discussion which enriches all of us, stimulates us in our work, and helps us to continue working together after 18 years of constant collaboration……….”

Francesco Bartoletti and Leonardo Conti

Francesco Bartoletti

“I joined the Matura group in 1998 after making the acquaintance of Alberto Antonini, with whom I immediately found myself on the same wave length. The experience which I have gained collaborating  within the group has been an extraordinary one, the possibility of immediately working  directly with producers in Italy and abroad is a kind of training, a process of professional growth, which I would hope that anyone who wishes to work in wine would be able to have. The Matura Group is an umbrella organization which offers professionalism, ideas, and experience which are the very basis of the exchange of views and the professional formation  which is the essence of the group itself”.


Leonardo Conti

“My encounter with Alberto Antonini and Attilio Pagli crowned a dream which was born with my decision to enroll at the university while I was already working. It was the university which put me in contact with the Matura group and with the dynamic and innovative vision of the world of wine which it embodied. At the present  moment, the group is composed of many professionals, but remains a structure in which the dynamism, the continuous exchange of ideas, the professionalism, and the friendship make it a uniquely lovely place in which to work”.

Emiliano Falsini

“I began my adventure in the Matura group because I was convinced that continuous exchange and discussion among professionals would enable me to grow and develop as a working winemaker and today, years later, I am proud of this decision insofar as I consider that my successful entry in to the world of wine is principally due to this structure and to the persons who are part of it”.

Laura Zuddas and Stefano Bartolomei

Laura Zuddas

“Matura is a sense of belonging but freedom of style as well, the essence of a fervent, innovative, international vision of oenology but one which also respects the territory and its traditions. We share respect, loyalty to one another, projects, and professional experiences and I am proud to belong to this group”.


Stefano Bartolomei

“Ever since I started working in the Matura group, I began to understand that in viticulture it is the details which count! To make a great wine, it is necessary to take into account each and every aspect of the work, starting with the vineyard itself”

Giacomo Cesari

“I began working with the Matura group in a vintage which not exactly one of the better ones; on the contrary, it was extremely difficult and trying but, thanks to the assistance of other professionals and a group spirit, things worked out well in the end. During these twelve years, I have had repeated confirmation of the fact that I am in the right place for anyone who wishes to work in this wonderful profession”.

Valentino Ciarla and Goffredo Agostini

Valentino Ciarla

Verona, the Vinitaly fair, April 1st, 2004 my first day with the Matura group. Ten years have passed, and I can say that they have been a lovely  … “April fool’s  day”…. rich in professional experiences and satisfactions  … to be continued!”


Goffredo Agostini

“Sharing ideas, impressions, and experiences. This is fundamental for me, for my professional work. For this reason, in 2004, when I first began to work as a consulting winemaker, I decided to join the Matura Group. A group of colleagues, but first and foremost friends with whom I can share professional experiences. The discussions and the constant exchange of ideas have helped me grow as an oenologist and as a human being as well”.

Stefano Dini

“When I joined the Matura Group I was searching for projects, work which was in line with my idea of myself. At that moment in time, Matura was looking for a professional agronomist and I thought that I could be that person. The group struck me as an incomparable one, one composed of immense talents, but once I began working with the others I realized that Matura is made up of men and women with their faults and merits and this is its greatest asset.Today this trust in one another is the only thing which counts, but we are not talking about a blind loyalty to the group in itself, but loyalty to one’s colleagues, to the team, to the projects we are working on, to the clients, to oneself and to one’s work”.


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